Fungal Laser Treatment

Fungus Laser Treatment- Is This the Answer to Fungal Infection?

Fungal Laser Treatment

Fungus laser treatment is available today! Fungal nail infection affects thousands of people all around the world. This condition can impose a negative effect on the person’s social life because a fungal nail infection gives the nails an unsightly appearance. The affected person may become reluctant to wearing sandals in public.  However, people who have a fungal nail infection need not endure this condition for the rest of their lives. A fungal nail infection can be treated using different methods; one of these methods is the fungus laser treatment. There are many companies that are interested in offering this treatment because it could be an easier and faster way to get rid of nail fungus.

Fungus Laser Treatment – The Pros and Cons

You have to know the pros and cons that come with this type of treatment before you decide to use this when treating a fungal nail infection. These points can help you weigh your options:

  • Clinical studies show that the success rate of fungus laser treatment is high.  Numerous people who used this type of fungal nail infection treatment grew a new and infection-free nail in one year.
  • Many patients prefer this type of treatment because it is not agonizing. They will not feel pain during and after the fungus laser treatment.
  • Fungus laser treatment does not cause harm to the healthy skin tissues that are surrounding the infected area (which is the target of the laser). Studies also show that it has no side effects.
  • This type of treatment does not take too much time. One infected nail can be treated using a laser within ten minutes.
  • Lasers don’t carry the same risk that medications do. Since it has no side effects, fungus laser treatment can be used on men and women of all ages.
  • Fungus laser treatment can be pricey and is not covered by insurance because it is considered as an aesthetic procedure. If the infected nail is not responding well to the laser treatment, another laser treatment therapy may be suggested.

How Fungus Laser Treatment Works

The laser is aimed at the fungus in the fingernail or toenail bed.  This will vaporize the fungus on the target area without harming the skin around it. Mild cases of infection may respond very well to this type of treatment. If the infected nail area is resistant, the patient may be required to go for more laser treatment therapy.

The treatment is not usually extensive. Each infected nail will only be exposed to the laser for ten minutes. The patient can proceed with his or her daily activities after the fungus laser treatment; studies show that it does not cause harmful effects to health. The fact that this type of treatment is promising, does not have side effects and is not time consuming makes people find that they finally have the solution to a fungal nail infection.